Frequently Asked Questions
What is Ads-Cents?

Ads-Cents is an online advertising platform that connects advertisers and clients. This platform offers online advertising services like paid to click, banner advertisement, text ads, featured link ads, log in ads, adgrid ads and paid to sign up ads. Ads-Cents welcomes all clients on its platform whatever company it is. It also provide opportunity to its members to earn extra online.



Who owned and managed Ads-Cents?

Ads-Cents is owned and managed by Jonathan D. Valenzuela, an online entrepreneur, a forex trader and a public school teacher.

Where is Ads-Cents located?

Ads-Cents is purely homebased. Its address used is the same as the admin address, Brgy. Banaba South, Batangas City Philippines, 4200.

What are the payment methods accepted by Ads-Cents?

All payment in/out can be done through the following method:






WHo can join Ads-Cents?

Anyone is allowed to join Ads-Cents since this is an online platform. You just need to have laptop, desktop, cellular phone. tablet and internet connection.

How much can I earn from Ads-Cents?

There is no limit when it comes to earning, but remember one thing. Ads-Cents is not a make to rich platform. You have to make ways and exert effort to increase your income. This is not an easy money scheme. It strictly follows its compensation plan.

How much capital do I need to start?

You can register at Ads-Cents absolutely FREE. Even free member can earn from this platform. If you want to avail Ads-Cents Package you can avail it for a very low price of $30 or Php1 500. It includes perfume set and advertising credits which costs more than what you pay.

How will I earn from Ads-cents?

Members can earn in various ways.

1. Viewing daily ads

2. Completing tasks from paid to sign up and other offers

3. Earn when your direct referrals view daily ads

4. Direct referral upgrade commission

5. Indirect referral upgrade commission from 2nd to 7th level

6. Purchase commission

7. Play Head-Tail game

8. Play Crack the Vault

9. Receive profit shares from team sales and universal sales

10. View ads from adsgrid and win jackpot

11. Sell perfume and other items advertised by Ads-Cents

12. Advertiser finder's fee (10% of the total ads package)


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